What will you apply?

How much is the idea of a smartphone worth? Or even the smartphone itself, but without the interface? How much would it cost for a service idea in its “bare“ form, without the ability to access it?

The development team will “wrap“ any idea into code for a user-friendly and stable application. It's more than just a package: it's the product.

Let`s wrap


Time is of the essence. And having a mobile interface is no longer a trend, it is a must have, a perceived necessity in an agile market. You can still wait and a year later join the ranks of the laggards. We suggest we do it now.

Get on time


Time is doing its thing and we are doing ours. Desktops and laptops have moved on enough in the face of mobile gadgetry and will not relinquish their share of users. To help you share information internally, increase your audience reach and make life easier for your customers, we create web apps.

Set up

What exactly?

A team of young developers with a beard, armed with knowledge, experience, and a sense of responsibility will carry out complex work from scratch or to your design.

Mobile applications

For App Store and Google Play with support for current iOS and Android versions

Web applications

Corporate and customer. Functional, fast and reliable


From scratch or according to your designs. Custom code will ensure uniqueness and full compliance with the specification

Design UI/UX

The interface should be beautiful, friendly and charismatic

Front-end development

Regardless of device, appearance and functionality are always top priority

Back-end development

Safe and secure, your server will always be happy


Air Trail

Blue Hat

Automatum Data

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